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Tiauna Jasmine Hall is a producer and artist who works in a variety of mediums. Tiauna specializes in digital abstractions, multiple exposure art, painting and film photography.  


Art that resonates with every sense of the viewer is the goal of Tiauna's creativity. Her artwork directly responds to experiences within interpersonal relationships to people and places, spirituality and self awareness.


With each piece, she imagines her own interpretations without being hindered by reality.  

I was born in a small town in southern Georgia and I've loved art since I was around the age of ten. Little did I know, my fourth grade art class would become the window to a new world.

Art is now my entire life. I believe I’ve always had an eye for aesthetic and composition. Although I went to school for cinematography, studying composition, blocking and camera techniques created a deep passion in me for capturing images as well as creating digital astractions. It also inspired me to step out of the box using principles such as exageration and distortion.


Whether I am taking a photo, painting, writing or even mixing a song, every piece that I create is a love letter to God. I believe that art is sacred. It is so very holy, it’s messy, strategic and sometimes unexpected. 


I am painting poetry. 

I am photographing truth.

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