I was born in a small town in southern Georgia and I've loved art since I was around the age of ten. Little did I know, my forth grade art class would become the window to a new world.

It is not quite easy to express the feeling that I get in my hands when I'm holding a camera or painting a canvas... I am always searching for an aesthetic. Always trying to express what it is with my hands.


As it relates film, I enjoy capturing architecture, nature and street photography. My work reflects the truth about the world around us, unedited, raw and vulnerable. 

While shooting with film is very controlled in nature, painting is not. Painting requires a part of me that struggles to exist. I am unfortunately a perfectionist but with each canvas, I can never truly know the outcome. 


I am painting poetry. 

I am photographing truth.

Tiauna Jasmine Hall

film photographer | painter | poet

Est. 1993

artist statement